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In this day and age of viruses, spyware and other such nuisances, it is very easy for computers to quietly collect such threats which squander your computer's resources, causing it to start running more and more slowly, and in worst cases threaten your data. To combat this, every PC should have Antivirus and Antispyware software and firewalls are essential too. Even the most carefully kept, internet connected PC can suffer as its files become fragmented throughout its hard drive or corruption of its Registry causes Windows not to start.

We carry out hardware upgrades, such as installing new DVD or Hard Disk Drives, adding wireless networking or installing more RAM in your computer. We also carry out repairs to computers so if your computer refuses to start or has broken hardware such as a CD ROM drive or Hard Disk Drive, we can repair or replace the hardware or advise you on warranty repairs. If your computer's Hard Disk Drive is having problems, we can also save data from it, or in some more serious situations, carry out data recovery to rescue lost data from a failing drive.

To this end, we offer comprehensive maintenance and repairs for all makes and models of PC, for Apple Macs and for peripherals. We charge a fixed labour fee for most types of repair carried out in our workshop so you know from the outset what the cost is going to be.  Even if the repair required isn't one of our fixed price ones we will still give you a quote for the repair before proceeding.

In addition to our laptop and desktop repairs we offer a comprehensive screen repair service for smartphones and tablets.

We don't just work in our centre.  If it is more appropriate or if you would simply prefer it we can come to you, give us a call and we can normally be with you the same day.

If you prefer the peace of mind resulting from knowing that your costs are covered you may be interested in our Personal IT Support Contract. We believe this represents the best value IT support contract available in Edinburgh.

For a fixed monthly cost, the contract covers all labour charges for any repair work carried out not only to your computer but also to any peripherals, such as your printer or to your home network.  The contract covers work carried out in our centre, at your home or via remote access.  Click here to see the terms and conditions.